Optimization and planing of technological processes

If you are interested in automatic creating and optimizing – production or office, transport or logistics – plans and schedules in order to control timeliness and obtain high effective margins, get to know our tools. Thanks to them, you can draw up a detailed schedule of activities on your production line from the first to the last process or plan optimal routes for your fleet of vehicles. This will allow you to properly use your resources to obtain high quality and timely services and to optimize margins.

Thanks to our tools, you will start to effectively sell your production or transport capacities at high effective margins.

Vehicle Routing Problem and Algorithm

The VR Algorithm solves the Vehicle Routing Problem (a generalization of the Traveling Salesman Problem) by optimizing the network of connections, delivery times and the number of necessary means of transport for the N – warehouse system and K – recipients. It can be used for current transport management as well as for determining the minimum number of warehouses – determining the optimal location – necessary for effective and temporary service of its network of recipients. Using the Algorithm allows you to get the maximum benefit at a minimum cost. Depending on the adopted optimization criteria, the Algorithm allows to reduce the total length of routs by a 10% order or to obtain 100% delivery time. Currently, the algorithm can also be helpful in solving the driver’s time problem and in the future in the optimal use of autonomous trucks. The algorithm is implemented based on the competence and the experience of pSci company. More information can be found here.

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Job Shop Scheduling Problem and Algorithm

The Job Shop Scheduling Algorithm is an IT tool designed to optimize tasks series on production / technology lines. The algorithm solves the Job Shop Scheduling Problem against the given optimization criteria, based on data from MRP/ERP and MES systems. The Algorithm is the core of the system performing the functions of APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) class systems. The system can be used both on production lines in factories and in office processes an optimizing of an work of RPA class systems. The implementation of the Algorithm allows to effectively manage current production as well as analyze it quantitatively and qualitatively. The algorithm is implemented based on the competence and the experience of pSci company. More information can be found here.