pSci is R&D company. Informal beginnings of the company date back to 2010 and in a formal way it has been operating since January 2015. The company was founded by a physicist, PhD Marcin Zientara, a long-term research worker of Polish and German scientific institutions.

The company realizes its own and ordered projects and develops expert analyzes.

What does pSci do

pSci creates advanced algorithms for analysis and modeling of data, phenomenon and processes. In the own work pSci applies Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Science methods. The company products are the result of own R&D work and modern scientific knowledge in the field of physics, mathematics and related natural sciences. pSci has advanced solutions and analytical competences in the areas of: energy (forecast of annual productivity of renewable energy sources, forecast of volatility of energy markets); financial markets (forecasts of market volatility, mathematical construction of portfolios); industry (modeling of physical and chemical technological processes); logistics and production (salesman problem, optimization of production process and maintenance forecasting) and medicine (automatic diagnostics of electrophysiological signals).

pSci products and services enable implementation of the following ideas: Industry 4.0, Distributed Generation and modern financial markets. Offered products and services are delivered on their own or with substantive partners.

Who can use the pSci services

Operators and managers of renewable energy farms, active participants in energy markets, companies operating on or using financial markets, production and logistics companies, institutions and medical companies interested in automating diagnostic processes, and anyone interested in advanced analysis and data modeling in order to acquire useful knowledge and interested in implementing ideas related to Industry 4.0, Distributed Generation and modern financial markets can be pSci customers.