1. Development (pSci) and commissioning with Stermedia Sp. z o. o. as part of the DCAD initiative of the algorithm for controlling the drying process of pharmaceutical granulate for TEVA Kutno. (2012)

  2. Developing, at the request of PWEA, as part of the DCAD initiative, expertise (polish text) on the size of wind farm productivity volatility in Poland for the purposes of the RES Act of 2015. The result of our simulations was to determine the margin of accuracy with which the operators of the farm can report their average annual productivity on auctions. The value of 15% calculated by us has been recorded in the Act. Necessary analyzes and simulations were carried out by pSci using SPAMS. (2014)

  3. Developing, on behalf of ASD Consulting, a greedy algorithm for queuing ordering orders for the pharmaceutical warehouse. The algorithm was based on an analysis of a state of a picking line and sought to evenly load its positions at a given time. (2016)

  4. Analyzes together with ASD Consulting – project leader – effectiveness of the delivery process in one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland. The analysis concerned a network of more than 1,300 collection points and 5 warehouses. Necessary modeling was carried out using the Salesman Algorithm. (2016-2017)

  5. Creating a system based on SPAMS for analysis and forecasting the volatility of energy markets on the POLPX and the Balancing Market at the PSE. (implemented since 2017)